Best Coffee Shop In Opelika

My daily (or multiple times a day) consumption of coffee has led me to this charming coffee shop, Side Track Coffee.


Everything about this coffee shop will catch your eye. From its perfect location in the heart of downtown Opelika, to the rustic furniture, the quaint atmosphere, the socialization and the studies, to the confusion on peoples’ faces when there are no prices listed next to the coffee options. Yup, that’s right… NO prices. How can that be possible? How do they stay in business? Why do they not have prices listed? Yes, just like everyone else who ventures in this coffee shop, I had all these questions the first time I ordered a delicious Caramel Latte.  


Here’s the secret to this lovely coffee shop: You pay what YOU want. That’s right, you can pay $2, $3, $5, $50... whatever your heart desires is what you pay for your Caramel Latte, or anything else you decide to order. Side note though, you are crazy if you don’t order a Caramel Latte because it is better than Starbucks. Yes, that’s right, BETTER than Starbucks!!


This coffee shop is a great pick me up on a gloomy day, a perfect spot to read a good book, an excellent atmosphere to chill, study, or socialize, and the best part is; the coffee, the service, and the unique business perspective is lovely.


As someone who is a coffee fanatic, I highly recommend this trendy, excellent, and unique coffee shop. 

Anna Laura Caldwell

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