First Of Many

This weekend has been different. Connor (my boyfriend) moved into his new apartment and we are both about to start another semester at school. This time, he will be miles away from me. He will be following his dream of playing college football.  Before starting this new chapter in our lives, we wanted to end this last free weekend with a low key Sunday night. Here's what it looked like.. (or what we wanted it to look like minus a few minor setbacks).

Pictures this.. there is no kitchen table (yet), we don't have "real" plates, the fire wood in the fireplace wouldn't catch (bummer), I have a bottle of Pinot Grigio calling my name in the fridge (oops, we don't have a wine opener), but don't let any of that stop C. We improvised by eating on the floor next to the fireplace (still no fire, but C's attempt to make one is what counts), paper plates will totally do (that means less cleaning up for me), Connor went to Dollar General for the FOURTH time and got a wine opener, and we enjoyed our homemade pizza, together in his new cozy apartment. 

Let me say this, our night did not go completely as planned, but it was absolutely perfect just as it was. Our homemade pizza (divided in half because I HATE red sauce) was delicious, the floor made for a cozy and relaxed dinner (and maybe a little licks & sniffs from Drake), and all that matter was that we got to share a quiet and relaxing night together before school (and practice for C) hits us hard. 

I am thankful for new chapters in life, a quick stay-at-home meal, and spending time with the one I love. 

"Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred." - Proverbs 15:17

Anna Laura Caldwell

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