A Sunday Morning Victory

Today it feels extra great to be an Auburn Tiger. YAY, Auburn beat #1 UGA!! Wohooo!!

I proposed the idea to Connor after the game that I wanted to go to Toomer’s Corner and take photos with all of the rolled trees. I said to him that we must go by 7:00 am to get the best light. Of course, without any second thoughts or any complaining, Connor was more than happy to go take some photos.

So, there we were. 7:00am Sunday morning. I was ready to go for my photo shoot. We walked out and much to my dismay, it was gloomy and rainy. I was a little (ok, a lot) aggravated. But, Connor quickly turned my mood around as he said he wanted to take me to breakfast and that we could try to go downtown to take pictures later if it stops raining! So, we did just that.

Connor treated me to a yummy breakfast at Waffle House. MMMMM!! 

As we finished up eating, it stopped raining! Halleluiah! The sun wasn’t out, but it was good enough for us to go to Toomer’s to take some pictures. I am so glad the rain held off for a little bit for me to get some pictures at Toomer’s. It was a magical winter wonderland. 

I am most definitely best with the greatest boyfriend, ever. Not many guys (especially on his ONE day off) would willingly wake up at 7:00am to take pictures of their girlfriend at Toomer’s corner (and C is an Alabama fan). But he so graciously took me to breakfast and made sure I got all the photos I wanted. He is simply the best.

Even though the weather has been yucky on and off today, I am thankful for an Auburn win and a boyfriend who will celebrate it with me!


Anna Laura Caldwell

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