Benefits of Owning a Dog (In College)

Dogs are just absolutely everything. They are loyal, affectionate, perfect friends, and great listeners. Having a dog while you are in school can benefit you in so many ways! If you are an animal lover and are ready for the commitment of a dog, here are seven reasons why having a dog is beneficial! 

1. Permanent exercise buddy. Dogs will inspire you to put your tennis shoes on and go for a run on a pretty day!

2. Keep you company. Sometimes being in college can get lonely and make you miss your family and friends from back home. By having a dog, they will always be there to keep you company. 

3. Walks/Outside Play. Taking your dog for a walk or outside to play is a perfect way to take a break from school work, studying, or just life in general; it is a great stress reliever.

4. Enhance your mood. Dogs are always so friendly and will always put a smile on your face, even on the worst days.

5. Establish a routine. Dogs really help you to establish a routine, like getting up at a reasonable time every morning to let your dog outside or making sure to be home at a certain time to check on your dog. 

6. So much love. Dogs display so much affection towards their owners. A dogs loves for their owner is really a beautiful sight to see. 

7. Really are your best friend. It is ok to tell your problems and secrets to your dog because I promise they are listening, and if they could talk they would have wonderful words of encouragement. 


All of these seven reasons are a short list of the benefits of having a dog in college. So if you live in an apartment/house that allows animals, go out and get a dog. I promise you will not regret it! 


**If this post is of interest to you, look out for my next blog post to come about how to train your puppy!!** 

Anna Laura Caldwell

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