Tennessee Get-A-Way

Our little Tennessee get-a-way was quit spontaneous. We had a wonderful time relaxing, enjoying good company. We ate yummy food, attempted to beat Connor at our favorite card game, and had lots of laughs and great times. 

Our first day in Pigeon Forge! We started our morning off by grabbing a delicious breakfast at a pancake house. After breakfast, we headed out to walk around The Island. We shopped, tasted some wine, and walked around enjoying the sunshine. 

Back to the cabin we went! It was time to relax in the Eno and take a break from all the walking we had done. Connor and I introduced Bryant, his nephew, to a new card game; what we like to call, Throw Down. Connor and I get super competitive at this game and were excited to teach everyone how to play. Ps. Connor always wins. :( 

Later that night we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, then headed back to the cabin again to relax in the hot-tub. It was a great start to our little vacation. 


It was a slow, peaceful, and calm morning as we cooked breakfast in the cabin and enjoyed coffee outside on the porch.

We had great plans for Sunday; picnic in Cade's Cove and drive through Cade's Cove. I was very excited because I had never been to Cade's Cove before. We loaded up our cars, stopped at Kroger to grab a (Boar's Head, of course) sandwich, and we headed out to Cade's Cove. It was a good little ride from our cabin all the way to Cade's Cove but it was so worth the drive. We had a picnic, laid and swung in the Eno, and had great conversation with each other. The weather was just beautiful! It was the most perfect weather to relax by the creek in the Eno and just hang out and picnic. 

After our picnic we hopped back in the car and drove through Cade's Cove. It was beautiful. As I looked around at all God's creations I kept thinking to myself, "For those who do not believe in God, look around you, because God is apparent everywhere." When I looked out in the fields and to the mountains with the beautiful clouds setting on top, it gave me chills as I thought about The Lord and how wonderful his creations are. Cade's Cove was a phenomenal experience. I loved driving through and seeing all the nature and the old houses and barns that were there. 

AND we saw a momma bear and her cub as we were leaving!!


After a long and tiring Sunday in Cade's Cove, we headed back to the cabin to play cards and just enjoy time with each other. 


Our last full day in Pigeon Forge.. we cooked yummy hanky pankies for breakfast and planned out our day. Today we were headed to Gatlinburg to walk around and do some more shopping and eating. We ate at a very unique and wonderful restaurant downtown on the strip and sat on the top deck that overlooked downtown Gatlinburg! Walking around downtown was so much fun, but so tiring as well. 

We then went to the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge where I got an absolutely amazing treat; Apple dumplings with ice cream on top.. YUM YUM YUM!! It was amazing. You can forget about how many calories were in this dessert because it was worth every single one of them. 

To end our long Monday and last day in Pigeon Forge we played putt putt. Sadly, our game was cut short because of rain, but we still had a great time!


Time to go home... Connor and I woke up early Tuesday morning to pack up the car and head to breakfast. We had been wanting to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant since the last time we were in Tennessee over a year ago, so we told ourselves that we would for sure make it there this trip, and we did! Let me say this, if you have never eaten at Paula Deen's I strongly suggest making a trip there. It as AMAZING! The restaurant is family style and you get lots and lots of food. Connor and I had way too much food than we needed to but it was so delicious. Eating at Paula Deen's was the perfect way to wrap up our little Tennessee get-a-way.

IMG_1306 (1).jpg

Until next time Tennessee...

And for now, Connor and I are headed to Florida to soak up some sun!! 




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