Sunday Funday

We had a great Sunday afternoon! Sunday's are our favorite and least favorite day of the weekend. Our favorite because we get to spend time with just each other, and our least favorite because that means it is time for Connor to go back to school. This Sunday we had a wonderful time together doing everything we love. 

We began our morning grabbing breakfast and a coffee at Starbucks (our new favorite thing to do on Sunday's).  I have certainly made Connor an avid Starbucks fan and I am not quite sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am glad that we can enjoy a simple breakfast together. 

We then ventured around admiring a few Spring flowers that have bloomed. Of course I snapped a gazillion pictures of them, wouldn't you?? Spring flowers are just ahhhhh <3 


It was sunny and 65 degrees outside. As soon as we stepped outside we knew we wanted to spend as much time as we could playing outside with Drake, so we decided to go to Kiesel Park. This park is a quiet, beautiful, and very dog friendly park and our favorite place to take Drake. This is most defentily the best park in Auburn! 

Of course we brought all kinds of toys for Drake to play with at the park; a big ball, a tennis ball, a frisbee. He was so ecstatic that he had so much open space to chase all his toys, especially his frisbee (until he sunk it in the water). I can't say that I threw the frisbee at all (that is Connors expertise, not so much mine). It is always such a joy watching Connor and Drake play together. Drake loves some attention from his daddy and I believe it is safe to say that Connor feels the same way about Drake. 

After throwing the frisbee and balls a million times, it was time to relax in the Eno. Our plan was to make Drake chill out with us in the Eno, but, much to our dismay, Drake discovered the pond that was right next to us. As you can guess, he jumped right in and just sat there to cool himself off. For some reason, he decided to take his frisbee in with him. After trying to swim with the frisbee in his mouth, he dropped it, it sank, and it was gone. (Sad day... good thing it was a $10 frisbee from Amazon). Needless to say, he was now soaking wet, smelt like pond water, and was not jumping into the Eno with us at this point. 

Our afternoon at the park was so wonderful. We enjoyed each other's company and of course we loved that it was the sun was out and it was warm!

We ended our Sunday by going to the movie theatre, a tradition we do every Sunday night and love so dearly. Tonight we went to see "The Shack." This movie is a must see!! The story of this man and the circumstances he overcomes is magical. It is so amazing to see a story unfold about Heaven and The Lord. This movie will touch your heart. 

And another weekend has come and gone. I love the weekends the most. They are the days that I get to relax and unwind, I get to be outside spending time with Drake and C, and these are the only days that Connor is home from school! (Which is super sad, but it makes me cherish every day with him so much).  I would say, until next weekend, Connor & sunny days in Auburn, but, next weekend will be a little different. Next weekend will be spent somewhere new, traveling and taking a grand adventure... I cannot wait to share with you where I will be traveling next weekend <3 

So, until next weekend, wherever that may be...

Anna Laura Caldwell

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