Afternoon at Chewacla Park

A spontaneous afternoon at Chewacla was the perfect way to kick off our Summer! And also a great way to spend our Monday. Hooray for being done with finals and done with the semester!!

I cannot believe it was our first time, ever, going to Chewacla! I am so glad we decided to go - and even more happy we got a map at the beginning. Without this thing we would have been completely lost. 

After a short hike, we made it to the beautiful waterfall!!

Drake was a little scared at first at the noise of the water, but I'd say he liked it as much as C and I did. 

Oh how beautiful this waterfall is.

I am thankful this little college town has a wonderful get-a-way spot. Hiking at Chewacla was the perfect way to spend our Monday and kick off our summer!

Anna Laura Caldwell

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