What I Never Leave Without: What's In My Bag

Today on the blog I am sharing the items that I always make sure I have in my bag. I try to keep it as few and simple as possible, but I have to ensure that I have the essentials in my "go to" bag. This bag will have all things to save the day + keep me sane while I travel to NYC!!

If there is one thing I cannot live without, it is my oils! These three oils are always in my bag. Panaway is my go to oil for all of my shoulder and neck pain. It works magic!! I use the Energy roller ball to give me a little boost when I am feeling sluggish. An the Stress Away roller ball is perfect to roll on your wrists during a busy day. These three oils are wonderful! Yes, of course I have many other oils that I use on a daily basis, but these are just three of the ones that go everywhere with me. 


An external hard drive is a necessity when you take as many photos as I do. My Passport for Mac is a great portable storage for all of my photos and work that I want to make sure to keep! It is small and fits perfectly in a pocket of my bag. I also love to carry my iPad with me because it is small and lightweight. I tend to use my iPad more for fun things like Pinterest and social media, but I love having it handy! 


Planner, Pens, and Journal
I am barely a functioning person without my planner so this is a must- have! I write down everything I need to do and need to remember. I also love my Faith journal. I write down everything in this from to do lists, grocery lists, and/or inspirational and motivational words. 


Hand Sanitizer
I never, ever leave anywhere without using hand sanitizer. Cleaning my hands is a MUST! Because germs are a no go for me, especially during flu season! 


Here is my wonderful bag: Michael Kors Briefcase
This is my everyday go to bag. Yes, it goes everywhere with me (for obvious reasons). I don't use it as my purse (as of now); therefore I do not keep my wallet, keys, etc in it. I haven't traveled far yet with this bag, but I am thinking that when I move to NY I will make this my everyday bag and my purse, all in one. This bag will be perforce to carry for day-to-day basis as well as while I travel to NY! 


Anna Laura Caldwell

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