North Carolina Weekend

What a lovely weekend it was to take a quick vacay to North Carolina and SURPRISE my brother.

I traveled out of the city for a quick trip to North Carolina to see my brother play college baseball! What?! Yes, my not so little brother is now playing college baseball!!! HUGE proud big sister moment!!! 


When we arrived at his college, Queens, he was so surprised that Connor and I were there. Austin new that mom, dad, and Amelia were coming but he had NO idea that C and I were coming to watch him play. It was so nice outside Friday, so we spent time walking around his beautiful campus in Charolette.It was so wonderful to breathe in the fresh air and feel the sunshine! 

We went to lunch as a family before AC had to get on the bus to head to his games. It was so nice to have a meal together as a family considering we haven't done so since Christmas! I enjoyed some super yummy fried chicken tenders. I am that person who orders chicken at every restaurant and after being in NYC for a month, I definitely needed some good, fried, southern food! 


After dinner we headed to Greenville, NC where Austin's games were; a four hour drive from Charolette! All five of us packed in the truck made for great quality family time, laughing, goofing off, talking, and sharing stories. 

Saturday morning we woke up to the most glorious weather; perfect for some baseball. The sky was clear and blue, the sun was shining down, and the temperature was in the high 70's!! Time for some Queen's baseball!! AC wears #11 well, don't y'all think?!


Day one of AC's four game serious and he had a pretty good fan base if I must say so myself!!


Sunday was another day of more baseball and beautiful sunshine!! Seriously loved the NC weather over the weekend, if you cannot tell (being in NYC for a month had me missing fresh air and sunshine).

 I think we did a great job of cheering AC on all weekend, but how can you not when he looks this good playing ball?! 


The best fans around! 

I even got to spend a little time loving on my sweet boyfriend after not seeing him for a month!! I am so happy he got to come with my parents because I sure did miss him! How can I not miss that sweet, loving face though? <3 

Seriously so happy I got to see Austin play this weekend. I am so very proud of him for having four great games and enjoying playing the sport he loves! Can't wait to see him play again soon. 


Until next time, North Carolina. 

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