Tennessee Adventures: Cabin getaway

We had a wonderful and relaxing three day vacay in Pigeon Forge. I had just returned home from New York and Connor wanted for us to get away for a quick vacation to relax and spend much needed time together, so we did just that!!

Connor had it all planned out for us to stay in a mutual friend's cabin in Pigeon Forge. The thought of three days, relaxing in the woods in TN with C sounded heavenly, and it sure was. 

Prior to going to TN, we decided to give up all social media during our vacation and it was totally worth it. We spent so much time talking and laughing and catching up instead of worrying about what others were doing. I highly suggest giving up social media on your next vacation and just embracing conversation and spending time with your loved ones.

The cabin had a lovely view and very rustic touch to it.  We spent most of our time enjoying the beautiful woods and relaxing around the cabin just talking, laughing, playing cards, and cooking. The weather was in the mid 70's which was perfect for us to sit out in the hot tub and grill out at night. 

Wednesday we enjoyed time with some friends at The Island in Pigeon Forge! We loved going to The Island to shop, taste moonshine and wine, and eat some awesome food! The moonshine and wine tasting was so fun to try and a great experience. After shopping and trying moonshine and wine, we ate at one of mine and Connor's favorite restaurants; Margaritaville. Connor and I shared a yummy appetizer and had a great margarita!  

On to Gatlinburg we went! After spending all morning at The Island we ventured to Gatlinburg to do some more sight seeing and walking around. The weather was gorgeous and perfect to walk around and enjoy the outdoors. We did lots of looking in stores, hanging out, and trying new coffee shops. 


After a long day of walking around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, we grilled out with our friends and celebrated Alexa's 21st birthday! It was so fun to have them visit us in TN and celebrate with them.
p.s. YES, C is very much the grill master. Oh how yummy our dinner was!!

Thursday morning we woke up early to go to mine and Connor's favorite restaurant; Paula Dean's. If you have never eaten breakfast at Paula Dean's, you are really missing out. It is family style which means it is LOTS of food, but oh boy it is so good. We had the most delightful breakfast together. 

What a lovely few days in Tennessee we had! Putting all social media aside and embracing in conversation with each other was wonderful. We spent so much quality time laughing, talking, dancing, relaxing, and enjoying each other. 

Tennessee is one of our favorite go-to vacation spots for a quick, easy, relaxing getaway. From the rustic cabin back in the woods, the good food, the hot tub, and the quality time spent together, our Tennessee cabin getaway was amazing! 

See ya next time TN!!

Anna Laura

Anna Laura Caldwell

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