Rise and Shine: Why the Morning is My Favorite Time of the Day

All of my life I have never really been a morning person. I have always wanted to be someone who could get up early and tackle things early in the morning. But when it comes down to it, I just love sleep. So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t an easy process to becoming a morning person. After having to wake up for internships, work, school, etc. it just became an everyday thing to have to wake up early. And overtime, I really began to love it!!

Now that I have had time to get used to it, there are a lot of things that I really love about being an early riser. Getting up early has allowed me to take better advantage of the daylight hours, which means there is more time to spend outdoors and allows me to feel more productive overall. So, today I wanted to share a few reasons why I love waking up early and why the morning is my favorite part of the day! 

Make yourself some dang coffee, seriously!! The smell of fresh coffee in the morning keeps me sane. I start every morning with a cup of coffee. Coffee gives me that extra boost in the morning that I need to get me through my day!

Quiet Time
Oh how I love my quiet time (especially paired with a cup of coffee). For me, my quiet time consists of my devotion, “New Morning Mercies”, my journal, and my Bible. My morning time is spent with long talks with God, many thoughts about life/my day to come, and journaling my prayers + devotion notes. 

It’s a pause from the rest of society
Waking up early typically means that none of my friends are up. So, it’s just my Bible, myself, my coffee, Jesus, and most of the time my puppy, Drake. There are no interruptions. No texts. No calls. No Instagram notifications. No Facebook messages. No emails. The mornings are a pause from the world and a time where I can spend talking to Jesus + gathering my goals, thoughts, and praises together. 

Time With my Fur Baby, Drake. 
I can’t forget about our morning game of fetch and cuddling time. Luckily, Drake loves mornings just as much as I do. We love to sit on the back porch and play fetch and spend time with just the two of us. 


Waking up early isn’t for everyone. But once you start getting up early and start your morning slow with a cup of coffee and quiet time, the morning will soon be your favorite part of your day. I challenge you to try it; wake up a little earlier than you normally do. Grab a cup of coffee. Have a talk with Jesus. Write down your goals, prayer requests, and praises in a journal. Take a pause from society. I promise you won’t regret it. 

So, here’s to becoming a morning person + cherishing my morning time. 


Anna Laura 


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