Miscellaneous Target Haul

Hey everyone!

I am guilty of spending too much time in Target, browsing every isle. But honestly, is it even possible to spend too much time in Target?!

I just wanted to share a few items that I got today! A full Target haul will come in the near future, but for now, here are some must have miscellaneous items I love that I purchased today.

Starbucks - How is it possible to even shop at Target without getting Starbs, honestly I am not sure that it is. Here is my go to Starbucks order (I am doing Whole30 & this is totally Whole30 compliant)
- Grande Iced Americano
- Light Ice
- Almond Milk

Now onto the good things I found…
*click on each item to purchase!

Bed Head Hair Spray $20 - My most favorite hairspray.

Batiste Dry Shampoo $6 - Good dry shampoo is so important with my always on the go life. I have struggled with finding a good dry shampoo, but this one (so far) has been my favorite, and it is a very good price!

Bed Head Shampoo $15 - The best shampoo for moisturizing your hair, especially for very damaged hair. Plus, it smells amazing! That is honestly my favorite part about it.

Baby Wipes $2 - I get these to clean my dog’s paws. Because he sleeps in the bed with us, I always want to make sure that after going outside his paws are clean! He has very irritable skin, so these sensitive wipes are perfect.

Beauty Blender $10 - I always try to buy new beauty blenders at least once a month. I do not wear a ton of makeup, so they do not get dirty very fast, but I do want to always have clean ones at the begging of each month.

All Natural Dog Treats $4 - Our dog has a very sensitive stomach, so we have to make sure we get all natural food and treats for him. These dog treats are perfect and baked with all natural peanut butter.

Wine (prices varies) - I got the “Say Yes Rose” wine this time and I am obsessed with it. It is very crisp and refreshing.

Vanity Organizer $25 - I have been eye balling this organizer for a long time and I finally broke down and bought it. It stores all of my face products so well.

I hope you enjoyed my Target shopping trip as much as I did! Thanks for stoping by.

~ Anna Laura

Anna Laura Caldwell

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