For Those Of You Waiting On Your Person

For those of you waiting on your person, I am here to tell you to keep waiting. When you think you can’t wait any longer. Or you think that there is no one out there that is the right guy for you. Or you think that God just doesn’t want you to be in love - - just wait. Just wait one more day. And then another. And another, until someone walks into your life and sweeps you off your feet when you least expect it. 

I wish I would have taken this advice. Seriously, I do. I wish I would have realized sooner that I needed to be alone so that I could learn how to deal with myself before anyone else could learn to deal with me. So that I could find who I was and what I wanted in life. So that I could talk to God more about the man he put on the earth for me.  

But when you finally stop searching. And you stop wishing the perfect guy would show up in your life. And when you stop questioning God. And you wait. It's when you turn your questions and doubts into prayers. It's when you trust in God’s timing. When God decides your heart is ready. When you have found yourself. When you have fully trusted in God’s plan. Then, you will fall in love. You will find your person. And in that moment, when you first look into his eyes, you will know that he is the one. You will know that God created him just for you. 

When I fell in love I wasn’t even looking. I had no anticipation of finding a man to be with for the rest of my life. I was just being me. I found who I was and I was content with being single. I was secure enough in myself and in God that I didn't need to throw my heart around anymore. I didn’t have to try. I knew in the first moment we began talking that this was it. That he was the man that God created for me. 

He came out of nowhere and I wasn’t looking for him at all. I had been single and (so I thought) “heartbroken” for a while. But God knew my heart was ready to be truly loved. He knew my heart was ready to love someone and that someone else deserved to be loved. He knew that I deserved to be pursued with the right intentions. And when I trusted God with my relationship and trusted in His plan, he gave me the love of my life; he gave me my person.

So, I am here to tell you girls, the right man IS MORE THAN worth the wait. Do not settle for a man who doesn't love and care for you in the way that you deserve. That guy can’t love you like you should be loved. Wait for the man who will put in the time, heart, and effort to pursue you. Wait for God to set you up with the one who will put in the time to win your heart. When you are with your person, you know he’s your person. You can see it in his eyes and feel it in his touch. It is a heartwarming feeling. 

So, don’t settle. Don’t settle for the boy who makes you feel unworthy. Don’t settle for the boy that doesn’t appreciate you for who you are.

Real love is the greatest feeling in the world because it comes straight from God who IS love.   

So, keep waiting. Keep praying. And God will send you your person in His timing. 

Anna Laura Caldwell

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