07.06.18 / Proposal Story

On this day, Jesus answered all my prayers; to find a Godly man that loves me unconditionally. 


I am so overwhelmed with happiness and love. Connor did an amazing job planning this special proposal and it was absolutely PERFECT. 

If you know me, you know I am a BIG planner and I like to plan things MY way. I do not do well with change in plans, so C knew that was going to be hard to get around when planning a surprise this big. 

Our original plans for Friday were to get to Magic Kingdom early so we could get fast passes. I was becoming a little impatient as we did not leave as early as I had wanted to (I almost just took an Uber, good thing I didn’t). So, they stalled, somehow without making me mad, lol. 

When we finally got to Magic Kingdom, I was still ready to get those fast passes. Again, everyone came up with something that else that we needed to do instead of getting the fast passes. At this point, I still had NO idea what was going on, all I wanted was a fast pass so that I could ride It’s A Small World. 

I thought we were finally walking towards the fast pass booth, but we stopped at the castle. Connors Mom, Tracy, wanted us to get together to take a family photo for a Christmas card. So, we stood there and waited and waited on a photographer to be there so that we could take a photo. At this point I was a little confused why we just didn’t get someone to take it on a phone and do it quick, because oh my goodness I just wanted a fast pass!! 

Then, after taking a family photo, the photographer wanted to take a picture of just Connor and me. And that was when I knew. Connor looked at me and told me he had to ask me something. Right then, my heart knew exactly that this was the moment that I had dreamed of and prayed for a very long time. 

He got down on one knee right there in front of the castle. I was so caught up in the moment and crying such happy tears and then I heard someone cry out “Anna Laura.” I turned around and right behind me was my entire family. They watched the entire proposal. They flew in the night before and surprised me!!! I burst into tears and felt so loved and happy. It was like a dream. 

Connor really outdid himself. He stood in front of the most magical place, managed to get me there with no idea what was going on, surprised me with my family, and asked me the question I have longed to hear. 

I am so overjoyed and grateful for Connor and his love for me. I am so thankful for his parents for dealing with my impatient self and making this surprise happen. I am so thankful for my parents for flying to Disney just for the day to witness such a magical and special time. I feel so loved and am so thankful and blessed for what all God has blessed me with. 

Here is a short video to attempt to display the perfect surprise and love that surrounded us in this moment <3 

Anna Laura Caldwell

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